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The neighborhood

Do you like peace, space, nature and pure air, then you are in the head of Friesland in the right place. At bike distance from the Wadden Sea… a fantastic place to make your head completely empty. After a day in nature, come home at Oars as Oars and with a wine at the wood stove and as reborn back home.
A visit to the cosy old fortified town of Dokkum is certainly a must. Dokkum, the pretty town 6 km from our B&B. A town with a lot of history where every evening at exactly 21.50 hours the brass clocks in the town hall of the city are heard. In the past, this was necessary for the people who were working outside the gate. At 22.00 o’clock the gates were closed and the lock bridge was picked up. And so they could come home just in time.
By finding the city its canals, this makes for a pleasant impression in the city. Many trendy shops and boutiques and an old town. There are also ramparts and strongholds around the city, around is water to be found. Streets in the inner city walk up and down, this also makes the city cosy.
The centre of Dokkum has more than 20 restaurants and other dining options. An extensive lunch, a nice bun to go or ironing on one of the terraces on the water for an evening long dinner… in Dokkum it can.
As one of the 11 cities of Friesland, Dokkum is known for its beautiful canals. In winter the canals are the most beautiful skating spot in the country and in the summer months they are filled with pleasure yachts. With a canoe or rowing boat you sail all around the strongholds, and across the city. Although the fortified town has about 13,000 inhabitants, the city has a real city feel. The shape of the ramparts is still visible around the inner city.
The city has international renown because the Saint Boniface died in the surroundings of Dokkum. In The museum Dokkum is therefore also an exhibition of Bonifatius to admire.
Dokkum, the northernmost town in the Netherlands, on the edge of the world heritage of the Wadden Sea.
The Wadden Sea region has been chosen as the most beautiful nature reserve in the Netherlands and I am so fond of it. Endless walking or cycling without anyone’s encounter, being all one with nature and leaving all the daily hassle for what it is.
Precisely in this hectic time of busy agendas and commitments, stress is at the order of the day. Then the Frisian coast is the place to relax and let your sores go through the wind and come back home as reborn.
Walking along the marshes, enjoying the tranquillity, the beautiful scenery, the versatility of birds and especially the pure air.
What else can you do here:
  • Mudflat
  • Riding
  • Waves
  • Rescueboat expedition
  • Sea Dogs Spotting
  • Buddhist temple in Hantum visits
  • Day trip to Ameland or Schiermonnikoog


Transport possibilities

If you want to come by bus, there will be a bus stop on the edge of the village of Hantum. There is also the possibility that we will pick you up at the bus stop or from Dokkum.