Experience the wadden region

The Wadden area is the largest nature reserve in the Netherlands and houses a wilderness that is unprecedented: the Wadden Sea. Always on the move, no minute is the same. Even on a global scale it is great. Nature and landscape constantly change under the influence of ebb and flow. Weather, wind and water create beautiful nature: mud flats, salt marshes, dunes, gullies and sandbanks, where all kinds of animals and plants live.

The Wadden Sea constantly stimulates your senses, for example during a mudflat walk or a drying expedition. You experience that plants and animals have adapted to the rugged Wadden Sea. They depend on the specific conditions in the Wadden Sea area. Of many species of migratory birds, a large part of the world population uses the mudflats as a filling station during the migration. Six million birds breed or overwinter in the area. And more than 30,000 seals find peace and space. UNESCO has declared the entire Wadden Sea as a Natural World Heritage.

You will experience that World Heritage during a stay along the Wadden Sea coast and with a visit to one of the Wadden Islands. The islands offer the cleanest beaches in the Netherlands, beautiful landscapes and pitch-dark nights. Some ten thousand plant and animal species find their home there.

The Wadden Sea is already a world-class nature reserve; and the National Parks Lauwersmeer, Texel and Schiermonnikoog are well known.

Source: www.waddenzee.nl

Discover Dokkum

From Hantum a visit to the cozy old fortified city of Dokkum is definitely recommended. A town with a lot of history where the brass bells in the town hall are still ringing every evening at exactly 21:50. In the past this was necessary for the people who were working outside the gate. At 22:00 hours the gates closed and the lock bridge was picked up. And so they could come home just in time. Dokkum has a historic city center with many trendy shops and boutiques.

The center of Dokkum has more than twenty restaurants and other eateries. An extensive lunch, a nice sandwich to go or sit down on one of the terraces at the water for an evening of dining: in Dokkum you can do this!

As one of the 11 cities of Friesland, Dokkum is of course known for its beautiful canals. In the winter, the canals are the most beautiful skating place in the country and in the summer months they are full of pleasure yachts. With a canoe or rowing boat you sail all the way around the strongholds, and straight through the city. Despite the fact that the fortified town only has around 13,000 inhabitants, the city does have a real city feeling. The shape of the ramparts is still clearly visible around the city center.

The city is known internationally because Saint Boniface died in the vicinity of Dokkum. An exhibition of Boniface can therefore be admired at the Dokkum museum.

Dokkum, the northernmost town in the Netherlands on the edge of the Wadden Sea World Heritage.